In Praise of Satan

Not a Symbol, But a Diabolical Intelligence!

If you look for Satan or Satanism, on the net, you will must likely find yourself looking at info prepare by "The Church of Satan".

The "Church of Satan" says there is no God, there is no Satan.

They have a right to their opimion.......and one can learn much from them

However the "Church of Satan" is NOT the last or even first word of satanism.

Their "Satanic Bible", however interesting, is not a Bible, it is not the final authority on Satanism.

There is no final "authority" on Satanism!

This Site will seek to provide info those who believe in the Darkside of the Divine, and willing choose to seek out and follow that which is totally Self Centered. that which is "evil", that which is chaotic, that which is amoral, that which is immoral.

This Site is a work in progress, and I hope to add views of all Satanists who believe in the reality of a Greater Force whom this Webmaster calls Satan/Shaitan/Shiva.

Any non-LaVeyianSatanists may submit articles, essays, and graphics to be included on this site. (Essays, and articles should be in the form of plain text files only!)

LaVeyianSatanists are "discriminated against" here only because they have their own sites and platforms to get out their ideas.

satanism vs. satanism Satanism Vs Satanism What are the basic differences between LaVeyian Satanism and "Traditional" Satanism? Lavey Anton LaVey: Legend & Myth This article is presented for informaton prposes only, and is not meant as an attack on anyone.

Hail Satan!

May Your realm overtake the earth!

Louis Cypher, Webmaster


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